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Durium Test Record E-1113

Front of the Durium test record ( matrix: E-1113-B) (Per Ahlin collection)
Thanks to Per Ahlin from Stockholm (Sweden) an unknown test pressing of a Durium cardboard record can be added in the list of records, produced in Europe for the cardboard Durium label in London between 1932 and 1934. It has no printed label, which is normal for a test record. During the process of pressing ( should we say ... printing? as Durium records were made from card board and almost "printed" like a newspaper on large sheets of cardboard, covered with Durium acetate?) the final product had to be tested, so a few copies were played and the sound quality was discussed.
 The reverse of the test record with a stamp and a sticker ( Per Ahlin collection)
On the reverse of the record you will find a sticker, glued over a stamp, which gives the audio engineers the possibility to commend the sound quality. The sticker reads 1113B. SÖDERMAN MOSAIQUE PARTS I & II and must be glued later by a collector who had this record in his collection. It is unknown if this is the official title of the record, as, up to now, no officially released record, which might have another take number ( like A or C)  and could have been  catalogued as durium SC-106, has been found. It is possible that this project was rejected.
Kapellmästare Eduard Hladisch (1890 - 1968) (source: sleeve of the Veckans skiva nr. 37 (late December 1932) (Hans Koert archive)
 The matrix number 1113 fits well in the Durium (GB) Discography into a record session made in London by Eduard Hladisch in November 1932. Mind that Durium (GB) Products, based in Slough (near London) started in March 1932 with the production of card board Durium records, like its forerunner the DURIUM (Capitals) PRODUCTS INCORPORATED – NEW YORK, which released series like the well known Hit of the Weeks. One of the series Durium (GB) Products released, was a series of records for the Scandinavian market. In those days Durium had no proper recording facilities in Copenhagen or Stockholm, so the director of the band, like Eduard Hladisch, sailed to London to record with an English studio band, which could have featured musicians like Max Goldberg Charlie Price, Jack Warne, Tony Thorpe, Bill Rogers, Alf Zafer, Ernest Wilson, Bill Tringham, Dave Axford or Maurice Zafer to list some musicians to be known active in the Durium Dance Bands of those days. These men were professional musicians, who could play all kind of music styles, like this kind of light orchestral music.

Eduard Hladisch recorded during this record session two tunes, which were released as durium SC-107: DURIUMS STORA KONSERTORKESTER UNDER LEDNING AV EDUARD HLADISCH. The title of those tunes was VÄRMLÄNNINGARNA and POTPURRI

Enjoy a film fragment of that record as played on an old wind up gramophone .....

Liner notes in the magazine-like Veckans skiva sdleeve nr. 37 with the image of Eduard Hladisch (Hans Koert archive)
The Scandinavian records were released in a series called Veckans skiva and so was this durium SC-107 released on the 30th of December 1932 as Veckans skiva nr. 37 and in its catalogue this Veckans skiva was listed as: Värmlännlugarna. Stort potpurri – en äktsvensk inspelning undern ledning av kapellmästare Eduard Hladisch. The director, kapelmästare Eduard Hladisch was born in Austria ( February 1890) and moved to Sweden, where he became very popular as a leader of light music (dance) bands. In 1932 he also recorded in London for Polydor and this might have been at the same period as these Durium records. He became well known as an artist and host on the Swedish radio and also known for his film music compositions. He passed away August 1968

Thanks Per for sharing this rare test record with us, which, probably never was released on a durium record.

Hans Koert
author if the Durium (GB) Discography


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