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Anything Phonographic

In the latest December 2011 / January 2012 issue of In The Groove, the magazine of the Michican Antique Phonograph Society, Steve Ramm published a review of the 4th 2cd-album of The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings (arch 2005) as part of his regular news and review column. Steve loved to share this review with the visitors of the Hit of the Week blog.
The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings (arch 2005)
Dutch collector Hans Koert set out a few years ago to create a printed discography of the entire commercial Hit of the Week flexi-discs produced by the Durium Company during the brief period 1930 - 1932. This not only led to an online version, but also to a series of four 2-CD sets co-produced by the owners of the Archeophone label. Though released approximately every 2 years, the 2011 final release The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, volume 4 is the first I've had a chance to hear. As expected from anything released by Archeophone ( "the Cadillac of reissue labels") , the set is graphically beautiful with color covers ( and lack and white photos inside) of the rarest records and accurate recording session info is provided.

Fragment of Anything Phonographic (December 2011/January 2012) (with permission)
While many of the recordings on these discs ( which were sold at newsstands, not record stores) are by bands like Phil Spitalny, Morton Downey or Rudy Vallee, Durium also pressed "advertising records", And those are sometimes even more interesting to hear than the musical ones. This volume seems to have more of these than the previous volumes - with ads for Wrigley's Gum, Crisco ( with the Mils Brothers!) and even "Relief from the Present Discriminatory System of Taxes in Iowa"( talk about eclectic!). The discs varied in size ( thus recording time) and 59 records are included here. I may work myself backwards in this series but I can certainly recommend this one. The transfers are superb. (Hey, this is Archeophone).

Steve Ramm
(Philadelphia (PA) (USA)

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