Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pontiac Durium promo

(no band name)
Recorded (prob). New York City, ca spring 1933

no catalogue number

A 7”- inch round advertisement record for PONTIAC. On the label the words < Compliments of PONTIAC the Economy Straight Eight > The record has no promotional message, but all singing.
( source: Durium Advertisement and Custom Records discography - Hans Koert) ( November 2011)

Thanks to Stewart Marsh another rare Durium promotion- or advertisement record has been found - the 7-inch cardboard Pontiac Durium record was unknown up to now.
It has a the song When The White Azaleas Start Blooming, an Ethel Park Richerson composition, that became known by Frank Luther and his Trio in 1933. Up to now I can't tell you more about the vocalist(s) on the record, but i hope Stu can inform me about that soon - Frank Luther was a regular vocalist for Durium, and recorded for this label as Cal Garson.

Pontiac Economy Straight Eight advertisement ( ca. 1933)
It was released by Pontiac, the firm which produced automobiles and the Economy Straight Eight was introduced in the fall of 1932 as a new series of cars, which were produced until the 1950s. It was advertised as The Big Straight Eight in the Low Price field, refering to its powefull engine and cheap price (US $ 635). This record must have been released (and recorded of course) somewhere early 1933 and must have been one of the final Durium records made in the US.
Thanks Stu for the label of this great "new" Durium record.
Hans Koert
Online Hit of the Week-Durium discographies.


Anonymous Dianna said...

I have a 1955 Magic Talking Book of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The front cover of the book has an 78rpm 'unbreakable record' to play in addition to reading the book. I just about wore it out while I was little... I loved it.

March 29, 2012  

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