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Durium Record 9-13

DURIUM RECORD 9-13 ( photo courtesy and collection: Stewart Marsh)
Thanks to Stewart Marsh another "lost" and forgotten 80 years old Durium record can be added to the Hit of the Week-Durium Discographies and shared on this blog. It's a 1932 address by Carl R. Byoir (1886-1957), a man who is labelled as one of the founding fathers of public relations.
This is the discographical information:

War on Depression Campa!gn (sic)
An Address by CARL BYOIR Director of Organization
Recorded (prob.) New York City, early 1932
The matrix number is 5089. It was released in the 9- series as DURIUM RECORD 9-13
(Source: Durium Advertisement and Custom Records Discography)
Carl Byoir was, as Wikipedia informs, .... one of the first public relation pioneers after World War I. He created and organized one of the world's largest public relation firms in 1930. Byoir's techniques and
skills are used daily by public relation practitioners. The Museum of Public Relations states Carl Byoir may not have moved mountains, but he definitely made a career of motivating people to do it for him. Public relation textbooks rarely give Byoir the credit he deserves because he was one of the Founding Fathers of public relations but his work helped make public relations an accepted profession ( quote: Museum of Public Relations)
In 1932 the
Great Depression suffered the US and world society and Carl had a lot of critic about how the government tried to solve the problems. He contacted the US president Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) and suggested a PR campaign entitled War Against Depression. He hoped to create 1,000,000 jobs for the unemployed. The campaign started on the 15th of February 1932 and probably this Durium record was part of the campaign. The War Against Depression was not very successfully - Byoir's War on Depression campaign didn't bring new jobs and the campaign failed.

The Durium 9- series seems to be a series of special nine-inch records. DURIUM RECORD 9-1 up to 9-4 were four recordings by Vernon Dalhart, but the rest of the series ( up to 9-12) are lecturers and addresses, released as Science Service Records. It presented scientists, who told about their favourite topics. This Carl Byoir address was labeled as a DURIUM RECORD again.

Thanks Stu for sharing this great "new" Durium record.
Hans Koert

author of the Hit of the Week-Durium Discographies


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