Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings - volume 4 to be released in April 2011

The fourth Archeophone 2CD record with the Complete Hit of the Week Recordings to be released April 2011
In its latest newsletter Archeophone Records announced that the 4th and final volume of the 4 2cd-set The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings would be released soon.
I reported this before.
its website the release is now scheduled for late April 2011 and one can reserve a copy in advance for a reduced price.
Crisco presents the Mills Brothers (1932) - The "young group" sings its signature tune Goodbye Blues ( 5108 )
On its website the 59 tracks of the two cds are presented and it is remarkable that so much rare advertisement and custom records, most never re-issued before, are available. The well known
Goodbye Blues record, released by Crisco, the all vegetable shortening which digest so easily, was recently re-discovered and transferred. Up to now we had to live with a moderate 1960s transfer used for an early Ristic album. All the known re-issues on LP or CD of this tune used that moderate Ristic transfer.
What Kind of Cough is Serious? Play this record and find out (late 1932 - early 1933) ( 5209)

And if you might catch a cold, you should listen to the introduction of What Kind of Cough Is Serious? A text on the reverse of the original records warns you in advance: This record has been designed to present, in an instructive manner, a serious problem and its solution. If it should displease your finer sensibilities, owing to the subject involved, kindly bear in mind that it is wiser to face even an unpleasant issue than to dodge it and remain in ignorance as to your best protection.

The three previous released double cd's are all available now again.
If you love to have more information about the 59 Hit of the Week - Durium tracks selected for this final album, visit the online Hit of the Week - Durium discography compiled by Hans Koert. The catalogue number of the 4th 2CD The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings will be Archeophone 3005 (Arch 3005)

The Hit of the Week website also shows that all three previous 2CD's of The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings are available again. Good news - now you can complete your Hit of the Week collection with a unique and complete survey of all commercial released cardboard US Hit of the Week records enlarged with a lot of rare advertisement and custom records. ......

You can pre-order your copy at the Archeophone website or forward me a message.

Dit bericht wordt ook geplaatst in het Nederlands op de Keep Swinging blog

Hans Koert

author of the Hit of the Week Discography - The Durium (GB) Discography and the Durium Advertisement and Custom Records Discography. Also available online.


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