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Brian Rust (1922 - 2011)

Brian Rust (1922-2011) (Nederlands) Brian Rust ( 1922 - 2011) (English)

Rust says ..... ( a collector's talk)
Brian Rust passed away
Hans Koert

On the 5th of January, 2011 Brian Rust passed away, 88 years old. For most 78rpm jazz and jazz-related record collectors his name was connected with the extreme valuable discographies he compiled during his life.

Every record collector has a least one of his books within reach. Although he wasn't active in this field any more because of his age, his name is mentioned at least hundred times a day when collectors quarrel about their beloved records: Rust says .......
Among the books he compiled his best known is the Jazz Records 1897 - 1942. For me, as a teenager, it was the first book I could affort, although I had to make a hard decision, due to shortage of money: Rust or a pile of LPs. Later I bought the British Dance Bands On Record 1911 to 1945. The third important Rust was very difficult to obtain, as it had been out of print for a long time: The American Dance Band Discography 1917-1942. I remember that I had to make trips by train from Zeeland, the region where I live, to The Hague ( two hours by train) to consult Rust, as is was the nearest place to find a copy of the Dance Bands Discography. Thanks to a collector who finished record collecting, I found my own copy. The Complete Entertainment Discography was my last Rust - I copied it, page by page ( on a photocopier). I remember that I sent him a copy of my finished Hit of the week - Durium Record Discographies and that he sent me his congratulations and (new) information about the Goodson Records, for me a new discographical project. ( Source: Happy Birthday, Brian - Hans Koert ( blog for his 84th birthday))
Annette Hanshaw and Brian Rust (1959)
In December I posted two blogs according the 1920s vocalist Annette Hanshaw. Brian visited her late 1950s and reissued her records. Love to repost here the two links to these contributions

Annette Hanshaw: A great vocalist remembered

Annette Hanshaw: I Hated Those Records

This short contribution can be found in English at the Flexible-Records blog. and in Dutch at the Keep Swinging blog.

Hans Koert

Brian Rust, record collector, jazz historian, discographer passed away, 88 years old.

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