Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crisco Presents The Mills Brothers

Who has the four inch ( = 10 cm) card board record with the text: CRISCO PRESENTS THE MILLS BROTHERS in his collection? Matrix number = 5108 A.
The record contains the tune Goodbye Blues and a spoken introduction.

(source: (online) Durium Advertisement and Custom Records discography - Hans Koert))

The spoken introduction on the record:

Crisco, the all vegetable shortening which digest so easily presents the MILLS BROTHERS singing their famous theme song GOODBYE BLUES. There's no tuba, saxophone, trumpet or trombone. The only instrument used is a guitar. All effects are achieved vocally. Unknown six month ago, the MILLS BROTHERS today are internationally famous for having introduced a new rhythm and a new type of vocal harmony. We invite you to tune in and hear them at 7.15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time every Tuesday and Thursday evening over the Columbia Broadcasting System.

It was reissued for the first time on Ristic 51 - all other reissues ( MFC–9 / S.H. 2044 /JSPCD 301 / JSP 902 / MUSIC BOX THEATRE vol 3 / NOSTALGIA ARTS NOCD 3010 ) seem to be copies of the Ristic LP.

Can someone show me the label and / or bring me in contact with the owner of the original?
Please contact me:
This contribution is also published at the Flexible Records blog.
Hans Koert


Blogger Shelley Rickey said...

Crisco, a standard ingredient in my Great- Grandmothers, Grandmothers and Mothers kitchen. Unfortunately, i don't remember having any promotional records from them. :(

August 02, 2010  

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