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DURIUM DISCO 5005 ( Ben Oldtimer collection)

ORQUESTA LATINOAMERICANA - Dir. Jorge Anez): Jorge Añez g tiple dir. Rest unknown.
LUCES DE BUENOS AIRES Lights of Buenos Aires Danzón - E. Pena Morel
Matrix numer 5155 A
Recorded prob. in New York City in the first half of 1932.
Released in 1932 as a card board DURIUM DISCO 5005
(source: (online) Durium Advertisement and Custom Records Discography. - Hans Koert)

Thanks to Ben Oldtimer from the Netherlands I can share with you a DURIUM DISCO recording made by Durium with the Orquesta Latinoamericana, directed by Jorge Añez.

The DURIUM DISCO catalogue of Durium contains, up to now, ca. 40 records. The serie starts with three DURIUM RECORDS 1001 up to 1003 to be followed by some records in the DURIUM DISCO range of 1004 up to 1011. The latter recordings all have a matrix number between 5090 and 5107.

Then the series continues with matrix number 5152 up to 5235 as DURIUM DISCO with a catalogue number between 5001 and 5027.

It seems logically that these records were recorded and produced in the States, but as these records have no manufacturers identification at all, it is likely that they were recorded in the States and produced for the Latino's in the States and for export to the Caribbean and South America (Colombia?)

Mind that the label of the DURIUM DISCO 1000-series ( 10 cm - 4-inch) is smaller then the label of the DURIUM DISCO 5000 series.( 12 cm = 5-inch)

There is only one Durium record known that was made ( Manufactura Casa King Bolivia) in Bolivia - South America, up to now, entitled BUCHE Y PLUMA ( no band name) released as KING DISCO V-4.
Jorge Anez ( 1892 - 1952 ) was born in Bogota ( Colombia). He raised in a well-to-do family and studied at the Bogota School of Music. He performed for some times at the Lira Colombiana founded by Morales Pino. Late 1910s he moved to the US where Jorge lived between 1917 and 1933. In 1920 he made a series of records, most bambucos and pasillos, with Victor Justiniano Rosales, a Colombian tenor. The Bambuco was then labeled as the most authentic national music of Colombia. Jorge Anez played the guitar and the tiple. From 1923 onwards he made recordings together with the Panamanean vocalist Alcides Briceños.
Liras Colombiana directed by Morales Pino.
Between 1929 and 1931 he directed the Estudinantina de Añez and recorded also Mexican and Argentine songs for the great labels Victor, Columbia and Brunswick. The recordings for Durium seem to be almost forgotten. When the Durium Products Corporation was broken ( summer 1931) and continued as the Durium Products Incorporated it tried to obtain a firm footing in the Latin American community in the States. Mind that there were millions of fugetives and the Latin American and Caribbean Community was rather extensive. Durium subtitled its Hits of the Week in Spanish since the summer of 1931 and started series of DURIUM DISCO with a Latin-American repertoire. Jorge Añez was invited to make several records for Durium with his Estudiantina like Pelaverdes, a Bambuco and Junio, a pasillos ( DURIUM DISCO 1009 - 1011 ). He also invited his old friend the Panamenian vocalist Alcides Briceños, with whom he recorded La Bogotania and Y eso no le vale nada - a Bambuco ( DURIUM DISCO 1008 - 1010), both own compositions by Jorge Anez. The record mentioned above, is labeled as Luces de Buenos Aires, a Danzon, played by the Orquesta Latinoamericana, directed by Jorge Añez. The tune El Dulcerito seems to be from the same recoring session. The fact that Jorge Añez's Estudiantina seems to be broken late 1931 or early 1932 suggest that the matrix numbers in the range 5090 up to ca. 5110 are used somewhere in the second half of 1931. In 1933 Jorge Añez left the States - probably he returned to Colombia. He passed away in 1952. (source; Music, race and nation: Musica tropical in colombia - by Peter Wade)
Love to finish this contribution to the DURIUM DISCO label with a fragment of the tune Luces de Buenos Aires, a Danzon. as played by Jorge Anez and his Orquesta Latinoamericana, probably recorded in New York City in the first half of 1932.

Thanks Ben for sharing the audio fragment and the label scan.
Hans Koert

In December 1929 the DURIUM PRODUCTS CORPORATION prepared the start of a new unbreakable record, made of cardboard. The well known weekly issues, called the Hit of the Week, were released in a weekly schedule, which started in February 1930. The Hit of the week blog published in a review of all weekly Hit of the Week records released during the first three months of 1930: from Through up tp St. James Infirmary. You can find this series of blogs in menu on the right. If you love to be informed about this kind of contributions, ask for the newsletter


Anonymous Elena Perez Dell'Aglio said...

Thank you very much for the information detailed in the Hit of the Week article. I was trying to find information about Jorge Anez and happened across your blog. I happen to be in Colombia at the time and am trying to find recordings of his music. He was my grandfather, my mother is his only child. I was thrilled to hear the recording.

July 18, 2014  

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