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Jan Garber's Orchestra - Lazy Lou'siana Moon

JAN GARBER'S ORCHESTRA [2tp-tb-2cl as-cl ts-2v-p-banj-tu-dm-vo]: Jan Garber v dir. ? Frank Munn vo
LAZY LOU'SIANA MOON Waltz Donaldson - vo
Recorded New York City ca. March 1930
Matrix number: 1043 C
This Hit of the Week was released as Hit of te Week 1043 on the 1st of May, 1930 at the news dealers of the major cities in the US. It was also issued in Europe with the MP 1043 label.
This Hit of the Week is to be found at one contemporary issue:
The Complete Hit of the Week recordings - volume 1 ( Arch 3002)
( see Online Hit of the Week discography - Hans Koert (2004-2010 )

Label of the Hit of the Week 1043 ( Hans Koert collection)

This tune was reissued on the first of May, 1930 and the label has, for the first time, the green - yellow - green lettering. The record must have been issued in Europe too and it seems that it was released as an MP 1043, although I've never seen a copy. I love to have a scan.

Most Hit of the Week records were released in Europe too, months later then in the US of course. In France the labels seemed to be cleaned and re-printed with French label names and, sometimes, even gallicized tune names. Jan Garber ( 1897-1977)

This Hit of the Week 1043 was recorded by Jan Garber, who had a very popular dance band for five decades. This record was preceded by a recording session, scedulded on the last day of February 1930 by Don Voorhees and his orchestra. It is unknown what tunes were recorded. The Jan Garber side must have been recorded some days later in the intervening period between a contract for Columbia, which ended and a new contract for Victor.

Jan Garber's Orchestra

Jan Garber was born in Morristown Pa November 1897 and passed away seventy years later in Shreveport La. He became famous as a band leader who played the sweet styled dance music. During the 1920s his music was hot - hot dance band music, but around 1930 he changed his style into the sweet and dance music style as played by bands like Guy Lombardo's. Jan Garber was labeled as: The Idol of the Airwaves.
Personally I prefer his 1920s recordings, which were reissued on LP's like Jan Garber - 18 original 1923-27 recordings by the Garber-Davis Orchestra and Jan Garber and his Orchestra ( Grannyphone 03307).
Sheet music of the Walter Donaldson tune: Lazy Lou'siana Moon

The tune was written by Lou Donaldson, who was a well known writer of traditional tunes and so-called state-themed southern songs, like this one dedicated to the good life in the state of Louisana. It is, in my opinion, not his best one and that might be the reason that this Hit of the Week wasn't reissued, unless on the Archeophone Complete Hit of the Week Recordings volume 1 ( Arch 3002). Walter Donaldson wrote tunes, that became more famous like Yes Sir, That's My Baby, My Baby Just Cares for Me, You're Driving Me Crazy and Makin' Whoopee, My Blue Heaven and Kansas City Kitty - all jazz standard now.

The vocalist of this tune has been unknown for long, but now we believe it might have been Frank Munn, now almost forgotten, born in New York City February 1895 and passed away October 1951. He was a popular radio star during the 1920s up to the 1940s and recorded with bands like Roger Wolfe Kahn's, Nat Shilkret, Bernie Cummins, Ben Selvin and Jean Goldkette, to list some. He used the pseudonym Paul Oliver when he recorded under his own name (!) for Brunswick, Columbia and Victor.

I love to share with you the tune Lazy Lou'siana Moon as sung by Annette Hanshaw in the 10th of March 1930. She is my favorite 1920s - 1930s vocalist. I like the Hawaiian guitar in the first measures played by Tommy Fellini - a typical early 1930s gimmick.

Hans Koert
Author of the online Hit of the Week-Durium discographies


Thursday the 6th of February, 1930: "Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me" - Don Voorhees Orchestra ( HOW 1019).
Thursday the 13th of February, 1930:"Through" - Bert Lown and his Hotel Biltmore Music ( HOW 1020)
Thursday the 20th of February, 1930: "Hello Baby" - Bert Lown and his Hotel Biltmore Music (HOW 1021)
Thursday the 27th of February, 1930: "My Fate Is In Your Hands - Vincent Lopez Orchestra ( HOW 1022);
Thurday the 6th of March, 1930: My Sweeter Than Sweet - Vincent Lopez Orchestra ( HOW 1023-A)(HOW 1023-B)
Thursday the 13th of March, 1930: I'm Following You - Ben Pollack Orchestra ( HOW 1026)
Thursday the 20th of March, 1930: Cryin' For The Carolines - Ben Pollack's Orchestra
Thursday, the 3rd of April, 1930: Congratulations - Bert Lown and his Biltmore Music ( HOW 1032) Thursday, the 10th of April, 1930: University of Maine Stein Song - Hotel Pennsylvania Music (HOW 1036)

Thursday 17th of april, 1930: With You - Statler Pennsylvanians ( HOW 1037) April 1930: University of Maine Stein Song ( promo) - Statler Pennsylvanians ( HOW 1040) Thursday the 24th of April, 1930: A Cottage For Sale - The New York Twelve ( HOW 1041) Thursday the 1st of May, 1930: Lazy Lou'siana Moon - Jan Garber's Orchestra ( HoW 1043)

Next week, at this blog, the next Hit of the Week to be sold in the New York news stands ............ 80 years ago !!

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