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Ben Pollack's Orchestra - Cryin' For The Carolines

BEN POLLACK'S ORCHESTRA: Rudy Weinstein tp, Charlie Teagarden tp, Jack Teagarden tb, Gil Rodin cl-as-ss-f, Larry Binyon cl-ts-ss-f, Matty Matlock cl-as, Ed Bergman v, Alex Beller v, Vic Briedis p, Dick Morgan banj g, Harry Goodman tu, Ray Bauduc dm, Ben Pollack vo.
"CRYIN' FOR THE CAROLINES" Fox-Trot Lewis Young Warren
Recorded in New York City, mid-January 1930
Matrix number: 1027 C

Label of the Hit of the Week 1027 ( collection: Hans Koert)
Released on Thursday the 13th of March, 1930 in New York City and probably in more major cities outside New York. It has the normal early Hit of the Week label colours: blue - yellow - blue. It was reissued on several contemporaty issues
online Hit of the week Discography - Hans Koert)(2004-2010)

Label of the MP 1027
This record was also exported to Europe too and must have been released somewhere in the early 1930s, but. normally, Hit of the Week records were released in Europe with its original label, but in France the labels were ( wholly or partly) cleaned and printed with a new label. In this case only the label name had been changed. MP 10 Rue de la Victorie, Paris INCASSABLE. MP means Metro le Pelletiers and here, along the 10 Rue de la Victoire in Paris was a department store where these records were sold. Incassable means unbreakable. On the reverse of the record the words: Incassable 10 Rue de la Victorie, Paris.

Ben Pollack and his Central Park Hotel Orchestra, early 1929: f.l.t.r. (back row): Eddie Bergman - Larry Binyon - Jack Teagarden and Al Beller. ( front row): Al Harris - Harry Goodman - Jimmy McPartland - Benny Goodman - Dick Morgan - Vic Breidis and Gil Rodin. Ben Pollack is seated in front.
The Ben Pollack band was a very famous band during the late 1920s, with a lot of great names in it - an all-star band itself. What to think about names like Larry Binyon, Jack Teagarden, Benny and Harry Goodman, Al Harris and Jimmy McPartland. During the early 1930s even this great band had to make money. It had just finished a stand at the Park Central when they recorded one session for Durium. Benny Goodman had left the band and played with Red Nichols, before he found a seat in the Don Voorhees Orchestra.
Sheet music of "Cryin' For The Carolines" (1929)
The tune Cryin' For The Carolines was used in the now forgotten film: Spring Is Here and made to a hit by Ruth Etting ( December 1929 for Columbia); Words by Sam H. Lewis and Joe Young. Music by Harry Warren. It is one of the two tunes recorded by Ben Pollack for Durium. its first one, I'm Following You was discussed before and this one, Cryin' for The Carolines, sung by Ben Pollack himself, is the better one of the two, but not by much ( I copied a commend somewhere). It does feature solos by Jack Teagarden and Matty Matlock, and while these are not the best work of either man, they are certainly worth hearing at least once.
Well - no problem this time. I found a fragment of this Hit of the Week 1027 for you. Enjoy it, it's worth hearing at least once!!
Where is the song I had in my heart
That harmonized with the pines,
Anyone can see what's troublin' me,
Cryin' for the Carolines.
Where is the brook that kisses the lane,
Covered with "Glory Vines."
Anyone can see what's troublin' me.
I'm crying for the Carolines.
How can I smile mile after mile, There's not a bit of green here.
Birdies all stay far far away, They're seldom ever seen here.
Where is the gal that I used to meet
Down where the pale moon shines.
Anyone can see what's troublin' me,
I'm crying for the Carolines.

Cryin' For The Carolines by Ben Pollack's Orchestra.(HOW 1027)

Hans Koert


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Thursday the 20th of March, 1930: Cryin' For The Carolines - Ben Pollack's Orchestra

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