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Ben Pollack Orchestra - I'm Following You

BEN POLLACK ORCHESTRA: Rudy Weinstein tp, Charlie Teagarden tp, Jack Teagarden tb, Gil Rodin cl-as-ss-f, Larry Binyon cl-ts-ss-f, Matty Matlock cl-as, Ed Bergman v, Alex Beller v, Vic Briedis p, Dick Morgan banj g, Harry Goodman tu, Ray Bauduc dm, Ben Pollack vo.
I'M FOLLOWING YOU Fox-Trot Dreyer Macdonald
Recorded in New York City, mid-January 1930
Matrix number: 1026 D
Released on Thursday the 13th of March, 1930 in New York City and probably in some major cities outside New York City. It was reissued on several contemporary issues.
( source: online Hit of the week Discography - Hans Koert)(2004-2010)

Label of the Hit of the Week 1026 ( collection: Hans Koert)

On the 13th of March, 1930, on the day that Clyde Tombaugh announced that he had found a new planet, later named Pluto, the fifth regular weekly Hit of the Week record was released. It seems that, around this date, the records were "exported" to other major cities in the country. The label still has the blue - yellow - blue lettering. The catalogue number is HOW 1026, which suggests that no records were made with the catalogue numbers HOW 1024 and HOW 1025. As the layers of Durium Products Corporartion haven't been found yet, or don't exist anymore, we don't know why these records are missing. It could be that these project were rejected before recording or that these "catalogue numbers" refer to projects with private- or advertisement records.

1929 sheet music of I'm Folllowing You, which became a small hit sung by the Duncan Sisters.
The tune selected was I'm Following You,written by Dave Dreyer ( 1894 - 1967 ) and Ballard MacDonald (1882 - 1935) and originally used in the 1929 film: It's a Great Life. It was recorded by the sweet dance bands of that time: Adrian Schubert, Arthur Schutt and sung by Annette Hanshaw and the Duncan Sisters, who made it to a little hit.
Ben Pollack (1903 - 1971)
The Ben Pollack orchestra recorded it mid-January 1930 for Durium and was released 80 years ago as a card board Hit of the Week record. Love to share with you a version of this tune as played by the Hollywood Dance Orchestra, which recorded it originally on the 26th of November, 1929 for Imperial. The Hollywood Dance Orchestra was a pseudonym for Adrian Schubert and his Orchestra. The vocalist is Smith Ballew, who is also to be heard on the first two Hit of the Week releases ( Through and Hello Baby ) and it seems aas if the arrangements used for this recording are equal to the one used for the Ben Pollack Ht of the Week recording.

The Ben Pollack Orchestra Ben Pollack was one of those extreme popular dance band leaders of the late 1920s and although he directed a dance band, a lot of jazz musicians found a living in his band. Some of them became great band leaders or swing musicians them selves like Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden and Bud Freeman to list a few. In today's recording you can find the Teagarden brothers, Jack and Charlie , the great reed player Larry Binyon and Benny Goodman's brother Harry on the tuba. In the early 1930s the music of these dance bands changed - the Roaring twenties had gone - the music became sweet, smooth and romantic - Swing music was ahead .... . So don't expect "a hot dance tune" when you play this I'm Following You record on tour turn table.

Hans Koert
author of the (online) Hit of the week-Durium Discographies

Thursday the 6th of February, 1930: "Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me" - Don Voorhees Orchestra ( HOW 1019).

Thursday the 13th of February, 1930:"Through" - Bert Lown and his Hotel Biltmore Music ( HOW 1020)

Thursday the 20th of February, 1930: "Hello Baby" - Bert Lown and his Hotel Biltmore Music (HOW 1021)

Thursday the 27th of February, 1930: "My Fate Is In Your Hands - Vincent Lopez Orchestra ( HOW 1022)

Thursday the 6th of March, 1930: My Sweeter Than Sweet - Vincent Lopez Orchestra ( HOW 1023 A) (1023-B)

Thursday 13th of March, 1930: I'm Following You - Ben Pollack Orchestra ( HOW 1026)

Next week, at this blog, the next Hit of the Week to be sold in the New York news stands ............ 80 years ago !!

In December 1929 the DURIUM PRODUCTS CORPORATION prepared the start of a new unbreakable record, made of cardboard. The well known weekly issues, called the Hit of the Week, were released in a weekly schedule, which started in February 1930. The Hit of the week blog and the Keepswinging blog will follow the development of these 80 years old records in an unique series of blogs. If you love to be informed about these contributions, and you love to make a chance to receive an original Hit of the Week record, ask for the newsletter


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