Thursday, November 19, 2009

Veedol Motor-Oil

Now and then "new" finds are to be mentioned in this Hit of the week blog. This week I received the paper version of the Phonopassion ( Antiquariat & Archiv Historischer Tonträger) auction list organised by Andreas Schmauder with more then 3000 lots - As the compiler of the Hit of the Week - Durium discographer my eyes always seek out for forgotten items .............. and this time Andreas really offers a great find: an ordinary Hit of the week record with an unknown printed advertisement on the reverse.

Durium records were made of cardboard covered with a Durium acetate surface. They were playable on one side only and the reverse was normally blank. Hit of the week records were a weekly issue, which started almost 80 years ago ( I'll be back later about that) and the blank reverse could be used for advertisements or promo artist pictures. Several dozen of these printed back sides have been listed - this week Phonopassion rediscovered such a forgotten advertisement for Veedol Motor-Oil.
The advertisement was found on a ordinary summer 1930 release titled Just A Little Closer played by the Hit of the week Orchestra directed by Bert Hirsch.

HIT-OF-THE-WEEK ORCHESTRA BERT HIRSCH, DIRECTOR [2tp-tb-2as-ts-2v-p-banj-tu-dm-vo] Bert Hirsch dir., Mannie Klein tp, Frank Munn vo. The rest are unknown studio musicians.
Recorded New York City, ca Jun. 1930
JUST A LITTLE CLOSER - 1084 C Fox-Trot Johnson Meyer as HOW 1084
Also avaialble on IAJRC CS1002-1 / NLRCD-32 / CD202-1 / AUDIO PARK APCD-6003 / and the Complete Hit of the week Recordings volume 1 (ARCH 3002)
This record was released on Thursday the 28th of August, 1930.
(source: online Hit of the week-Durium discography - Hans Koert). As the advertisment was published by a Swiss publicity agency the European release date could be much later in 1930 and even in the years to follow.

On the reverse the Veedol Motor-Oil advertisement.

On the record a drawing of the Graf Zeppelin flying above the ocean. The advertisement was published by: PUBLIDISQUE Hûtisserie, 2, Genève Breverè
The air ship the Graf Zeppelin
Tidewater, producers of Veedol Motor Oil and Tydol "Flying A" Gasoline (later known as Getty and now LUKOIL) was one of the many companies in the 1930's that practically gave their product away for the privilege of being able to say "Good enough for the Zeppelins that cross the seas, good enough for your car! (
Navy Lakehurst Historical Society)

Veedol Motor Oil - used by the GRAF ZEPPELIN exclusively "At All Blue Flash Stations" Billboard from ca. 1930

This one was taken on Mooring Circle #1 at NAS Lakehurst, 1936 under the HINDENBURG as she was serviced amidst a turnaround on one of her transatlantic crossings. In this case, they are pumping lubricating oil for the diesel generator units and the four 1100-hp. Daimler-Benz LOF-6 V-16 diesel motors. Crew from the Tidewater Oil Co. has come down from Bayonne, NJ to assist in servicing one of the company's high-profile "flagship" accounts......." (Navy Lakehurst Historical Society)
A photo This record is listed as lot number 193: Hit-of-the-week Werbebildplatte. Sehr seltene einseitige Papp-platte mit rückseitigem Werbebild. Find more info at:

Hans Koert