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Paull Sisters

It is amazing to learn that projects, like the Hit of the Week - Durium project, still bring new finds and information after 15 years of intense research. Last week I received a message from Bill Schoerner as a comment on my March 2008 blog, titled All-Girl Bands. Bill is fascinated by the Williams Sisters and researched this 1920s vocal- and dance group and hopes to publish about these girls in my Keep Swinging blog soon.

He informed me too, that he could help me with information about the Paull Sisters, the vocal group that has recorded two Hit of the week's in the fall of 1931. He sent me three interesting images of news paper advertisements, which contain a lot of information.
First of all we do know now that The Paull Sisters was a duo, not a quartet as I believed. The names of the ladies are also known now: Julia Paull and Ruth Paull. Up to now, I don't know anything about their ages or where they actually lived.
Thanks to some discographical information I found we know that they sung late 1920s with the Phil Spitalny Orchestra

Phil Spitalny was born in Odessa, Russia in November 1890 and played the clarinet and violin, but became known as a bandleader and composer. He started in the 1920s wth his own band, which lasted up to the 1940s, when he had an all-women orchestra, which became famous due to the 1940s Hour of Charme Radio-show.

Phil Spitalny arrived from Russia in 1917 and founded his first band in the early 1920s in Cleveland. Like so many bands in those 1920s it was not a jazz band, but a dance band, that played stock arrangements in dance halls and later for the radio. There were a lot of those bands that played a kind of jazzy dance tunes

Label of one of the last Edison recordings (Sep. 1929)
and in 1929 it seems that the Paull Sisters became part of the show. One of the advertisements ( they must be from ca. 1930) learns that Phil had an (almost) daily radio program at the NBC Network titled Tea Dansante in which the two Paull Sisters were participating. During the summer of 1929 they made a dozen of sides for Edison with the Phil Spitalny orchestra.

You can find additional information at the Paull Sisters Discography below this contribution.

The last one was recorded on the 25th of September 1929 and short after that session Edison would close his studios and stop producing records.

A 1930s flexible card board Hit of the week record

In October 1931 the Phil Spitalny Orchestra, labeled as Phil Spitalny's Music made two records for Durium which were released on Thursday the 12th of November and Thursday the 3rd of December 1931 in its weekly release scedule. Both records do have a small extra track to complete the 3-minutes recording on the 5-minutes card board Hit of the week record.

A new five-minute Hit-of-the-week with almost twice the playing time of the average record at your newsdealer next Thursday.

The extra track was sung by the Eton Boys, a male vocal quartet.

The information of the Paull Sisters is limited. A 1931 advertisement learns that they performed with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, labeled as the Court Harmonizers. As far as I know they didn't make any records with Paul Whiteman. All information and photos of this vocal duo is welcome. Please share it with us -
Thanks Bill for your photo's.

This contribution will be posted later at the Keep swinging blog too in Dutch and English

Thanks to the book: Moanin Low - A discography of Female Popular Vocal Recordings by Ross Laird and the Hit of the week - Durium Discography by Hans Koert


Recorded NYC 31st of May, 1929
= 19226 When My Dreams Come True (Ed 52605)
= 19227 Baby Oh Where Can You Be (Ed 52605)

Recorded NYC, 5th of July, 1929
= 19279 (N983) Want To Meander in the Meadow (Ed 52622 / 14035)

Recorded NYC, 19th of July 1929
= N1028 Some Old Moon (Ed 14050)
= 19305 (N1029) So Sentimental (Ed 52637 / 14048)

Recorded NYC, 13th of August 1929
N1070 Waiting At The End Of The Road (Ed 14058)

Recorded NYC, 15th of August 1929
= N1071 By The Way (Ed 14062)

Rcorded NYC, 6th of September 1929
= N1114 I May Be Wrong (Ed 14069)

Recorded NYC, 25h of September 1929
N1156 Bottoms Up (Ed 14076)

This is a promotion picture on the reverse of a late 1931 Hit of the week card board record ( Hit of the Week records were only playable on one-side) (Hit of the week A2-3, released in the third week of January 1932). It contains a picture of Phil Spitalny labeled as Now Recording Exclusively for HIT OF THE WEEK Records.
As a composer he wrote tunes like Save The Last Dance For Me, Madelaine - It's You, No One But You, The Kiss I Can't Forget and Enchanted Forest. He passed away October 1970.

Recorded NYC, October 1931
= Guilty (HOW L-2) (as Guilty (Est-ce un péché de vous aimer) (SEFONO L-2 - DURAND-DUPONT L-2)

= Good Night, Sweetheart (HOW M-1) (as Good Night Sweetheart (Bonsoir Chérie) (SEFONO M-1)
The last two tunes have been reissued on CD.
Enjoy the complete online Durium discography concerning these two Hit of the week records.
Keep swinging

Hans Koert


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