Saturday, September 06, 2008

La Benedizione del Santo Padre

I received a scan from this little single-sided card board Durium record. It is titled:

La Benedizione del Santo Padre ( = The Blessing of the Holy Father). It was released by Tecniphone and produced by the Italian Durium, based in Milano.

On the record the blessings as spoken by a pope. As the record has no matrix number ( nor a catalogue number) it is hard to date it; it must have been somewhere between 1934 and 1939 ( or may be up to 1948).
May be some Italian Durium collectors can help us to determine this record.
It was found, by the way, at a flea market in Buenos Aires (Argentina), so it might be a memory of a pilgrimage to Rome.

This contribution will also be posted at the Keep Swinging blog as: La Benedizione del Santo Padre.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As many Italians went to Argentina in the '50s, I think that this might be a record of the late 40's-early '50s.
And this too could be a free give-away: there's no other information than the generic title, the record label and the pressing plant name, based in Milano (the city where I live).
Over this, the same infos you have are available here:



September 07, 2008  

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