Monday, September 15, 2008

DISQUES Souvenir

Han Enderman pointed me to a rare Durium label that was on eBay some days ago. It's a French Hit of the week release, with the DISQUES Souvenir label, which was probably sold in Paris as a souvenir during the 1930s. Mind the picture of the Eifeltower on the label.
(no band name) ( = Phil Spitalny's Music) [2tp-tb-2cl as-cl ts-2v-p-g-tu-dm-vo-(male)vo3] Phil Spitalny dir., Eddie Lang g, Paul Small vo, ETON BOYS vo4: (Jack Day bariton, Earl Smith 1st Tenor, Art Gentry 2nd Tenor, Chas. Day bass)
Recorded New York City, Mar. 1932
+ Au Plaisir de vous Revoir ( = Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear) - no matrix number ( originally 1203 A ) - DISQUES Souvenirs. ( no catalogue number). (Originally Hit of the week C5-D1)
+ MARTA - no matrix number ( originally 1203 A) - DISQUES Souvenirs (no catalogue number)

Are there collectors who have more records with this French label?
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