Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Damaged Durium Record

Some days ago Alan Dein pointed me to two small records, both made by Durium during the 1930s in Slough - England. The left one is a Sound Distributor release by Stanley Holloway from the mid 1930s made for the National governement and the right one is an Announcement for a French course, to be released on six durium records around 1932. Both are known, but rare, due to the material, cardboard advertisement records. The right one is, as you can see, extremely damaged. What could have happened?
Well - of course it's a pity that someone took the siccors and cut a big whole in it. I think this is typically a damage made during the late 1950s or 1960s by a child or a young adult who found this old record from his (grand)father, and loved to let it look like a 45rpm single record or EP with an enlarged spindle hole. I found once a bunch of normal card board 1930s Hit of the weeks that were cut to the format of a 45rpm single and glued back to back.
As the Hit of the weeks, released in the second half of 1931 and the first half of 1932 had two ( or one-and-a-half) tune on one side it might be possible that the first track was terrible damaged by needle drops, that the owner decided to cut off the first tune,to keep it playable.
And what to think about these fruit bowls? Finally you can get rid off that collection of Mantovani albums or Alle Dertien Goed lp's .... of your mother-in-law. I'm sure your partner will like it.

What a wonderful website and research project you have! (Alan Dein)

More information about these Durium Advertisement Records at the online Durium Discography. This contribution was also published on the Keep Swinging blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

DISQUES Souvenir

Han Enderman pointed me to a rare Durium label that was on eBay some days ago. It's a French Hit of the week release, with the DISQUES Souvenir label, which was probably sold in Paris as a souvenir during the 1930s. Mind the picture of the Eifeltower on the label.
(no band name) ( = Phil Spitalny's Music) [2tp-tb-2cl as-cl ts-2v-p-g-tu-dm-vo-(male)vo3] Phil Spitalny dir., Eddie Lang g, Paul Small vo, ETON BOYS vo4: (Jack Day bariton, Earl Smith 1st Tenor, Art Gentry 2nd Tenor, Chas. Day bass)
Recorded New York City, Mar. 1932
+ Au Plaisir de vous Revoir ( = Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear) - no matrix number ( originally 1203 A ) - DISQUES Souvenirs. ( no catalogue number). (Originally Hit of the week C5-D1)
+ MARTA - no matrix number ( originally 1203 A) - DISQUES Souvenirs (no catalogue number)

Are there collectors who have more records with this French label?
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Saturday, September 06, 2008

La Benedizione del Santo Padre

I received a scan from this little single-sided card board Durium record. It is titled:

La Benedizione del Santo Padre ( = The Blessing of the Holy Father). It was released by Tecniphone and produced by the Italian Durium, based in Milano.

On the record the blessings as spoken by a pope. As the record has no matrix number ( nor a catalogue number) it is hard to date it; it must have been somewhere between 1934 and 1939 ( or may be up to 1948).
May be some Italian Durium collectors can help us to determine this record.
It was found, by the way, at a flea market in Buenos Aires (Argentina), so it might be a memory of a pilgrimage to Rome.

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