Saturday, June 07, 2008

Unknown Italian Card Board Record

I received two scans of a two-sided cardboard record from Franco Malatesta from Italy. The record is made of ( Durium-like) card board and both sides are well illustrated.

Franco writes: This is the A side: "Faccetta Nera". For both record I don't know who the singer is, and even the band that plays. The matrix number is visible: for this is C 8652 (stamped as typing machine)

The woman, framed behind the banjo player, seems to me Josephine Baker and the banjo player looks like a vaudeville artist with blacked face. ( Hans Koert)

On this one, Franco continues, the matrix number is hand written: 6525.
The other information is that the ink stamp says: " Fox Trott OCCHIONI BLU - Canzone Cantata - Savini Zerboni - side" (translated as "Fox Trot BIG BLUE EYES - vocal song - Savini Zerboni side").
At this side of the record the card board looks like the Durium card board, but Durium only used black and white drawings on its reverse and never colourfull ones. Durium records always had a label and not, like this one, a picture disk on the front. The matrices are not used by Durium.
It seems logically that this record was not a 1930s Durium card board record, but what Italian record company made this kind of records?
Information wanted. Hans Koert
Thanks Franco for sharing this rare Italian card board record.
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Keep swinging
Hans Koert


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