Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unbreakable Record Sleeve no Durium cover

A few days ago I asked your help for information about a rare Dutch 1930s record sleeve. The cover didn't gave any info about the record that had been inside, except that it had contained an Onbreekbare Gramophoonplaat Met Lot ( = An unbreakable Gramophone Record With Lottery Ticket). I posted several pictures of that sleeve in a previous contribution titled Unbreakable Record Sleeve With Lottery Ticket. As no info was on the sleeve about what unbreakable record had been inside, I called the possibiliy of a Durium record into question. Thanks to several contributors I can inform you about what record had been inside.
Both Dimitri Marheineke, record collector and Rinus Blijleven from The Weergever, pointed to the Dutch flexible advertisement record for Persil washing powders, titled Wat Een Meisje Weten Moet (= What A Girl Should Know) sung by the popular Dutch crooner Louis Davids. This record was recorded in the Lindström studio in Berlin (Germany) on the 28th of January 1932 for Parlophone. It is the most well known pre-war flexible Dutch picture disc and sought after by collectors. The cover is most of the time teared or the owner had cut a big hole in the middle to see the fancy record inside. The music was reissued on the great album Wat Een Meisje Weten Moet, a collection in the series of Reclame Klassieken, released by the Theater Instituut Nederland in co-production with De Weergever, Amsterdam.
Louis Davids (1883 - 1939), who was a popular Dutch crooner, is to be found on several advertisement records reissued on this compilation. In 1931 he made a song, titled 't Is Prima ( het gas in de flesch) ( =gas cylinder) to promote Primagaz for cooking. A few month after the Persil advertisement Louis Davids sung the song Doe het electrisch .... to promote the use of electricity for the N.V. Provinciale Utrechtse Electriciteitsmaatschappij. This tune was recorded by The Animal Crackers too and became a small hit on their 1975 album Tante To Heeft Radio.
It feels strange that this sleeve hasn't any indication to the record inside: no Persil advertisement nor announcement of Louis Davids song. There have been several versions of this advertisement record and you can read it all about in one of my previous blogs, titled Wat Een Meisje Weten moet - Louis Davids. On that site you can also listen to the song.
Thanks Ate, Rinus and Dimitri for your help and Henk for the cover. Know that I'm still anxious to have a copy of this picture disc to put inside the sleeve!!
Hans Koert
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Keep swinging
Hans Koert


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