Saturday, March 15, 2008

Veckans skiva and Nordisk catalogue

I received some great pictures from René A from Denmark and Han E. from The Netherlands. Both sets are from the 1934 Scandinavia Durium releases, then called Nordisk Durium and the so-called Veckans skiva series.

This is a Nordisk catalogue from 1934. Otto Lingston made numerous recordings for Durium.
Thanks to René A.

These three pictures are made from so-called Veckans skiva covers. As the Durium records were advertised as available at the news paper sellers, the Veckans skiva ( = Weekly record) looked like a magazine. The pictures in front has often nothing to do with the record inside, mostly a SUPER durium recording, released by Nordisk. Han E. sent me six images - I could insert all of it in my online Durium (GB) Discography.

Thanks Han and René

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