Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ground Gripper Foot Exercise Record

Thanks to Jerry P. from Amsterdam I found an image of an early 17 cm ( 7-inch) Durium advertisement record made for the Ground Gripper Shoe Company, Inc.. Now I have an image of this record I guess I have to revisited the discographical information for this record in the Durium Advertisement and Custom Records Discography for this record. The info on the record reads:

.................. ( no further info)
Recorded New York City first half of 1931

It is difficult to locate the correct recording date, as there are but few DURIUM advertisent records left from the DURIUM PRODUCTS CORPORATION that lasted until the summer of 1931. I think this one, which seems to be the start of a "new" series ( the matrix number C 100 suggests so) could have been released as one of the last items for the corporation before it broke and was might be released in the summer of 1931, as the new DURIUM PRODUCTS INCORPORATED had an A, a B, an N and an X -series. It is a fact that most of these records are much smaller ( 4-inch), but in the X-series the later releases are 17 cm ( 7 inch ) too. This record might be the only one, up to now, from that C-series. It is a fact that the label looks like the early DURIUM PRODUCTS INCORPORTATION labels.

On the reverse you can read:
RIGID SHOES RUINING NATION’S FEET most foot troubles are caused by cramping the feet into unnaturally shaped shoes with rigid unyielding arches. Under these conditions the feet are unable to exercise, retain their muscular strenght or natural shape. The exercises on this record are designed to help counteract the effect of improper footwear. They are endorsed by the medical profession, generally, as of the highest valve in remedying these common foot troubles, and in preventing them as well. Regularly followed, these exercises build up strong, graceful, healthy feet and keep them so. Exercise this way regularly, morning and night, bare footed. This is nature’s own method for assuring foot health. And, the sensible second step is to wear Ground Gripper shoes, which are designed to give the toes plenty of room, to strengthen the arches, and to assure graceful balance and walking. The automatically throw the weight on the outside of the foot where it is intended to be carried. Their soles, beneath the arch are flexible , permitting the arch muscles to function naturally and comfortably. Exercise your feet regularly and better yet wear Ground Gripper shoes every day for foot comfort and foot health. Visit your Ground Gripper shoe store and have a Gripper Graph analysis made of your feet. This is the scientific way to find out what is wrong and how to correct it. There is no charge for this service. GROUND GRIPPER SHOES WITH THE FLEXIBLE ARCH For Men, Women and Children >

A 1929 share for the Ground Gripper Shoe company, Inc.

Thanks Jerry, for pointing me to this unpublished record label up to now. It has been inserted in my online discography.

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