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Eddie Cantor, a poor margin-called actor as he, in all due respects, describes himself, in a Hit of the week advertisement in the Afro-American - Baltimore of the 10th of May 1930. Eddie Cantor was also responsable for the song Cheer Up sung on the only Durium De Luxe Record release.

I thought Flo Ziegfeld was handling me a great big Hello. He came back all steamed up after hearing this new record. For 15¢ .... a full-size record .... high priced orchestras ... big musical Hits! I had to laugh. I hadn't had a good laugh since before I was caught short in the market. For 15 ¢? For 25¢ you couldn't buy even a piccolo solo! But then I heard the record played, right along side a 75 ¢ one. That's when I became interested in the business.
I listened to a mix of these Hit-of-the-Weeks records and if there's any difference between them and the kind I plunk down 75 ¢ for, I must be wearing our muffs
These records are one-sided. You can buy the music you really want without plunking down good dough for a dud on the reverse side. And they don't break ! I took one home. I sat on it. I hit it with a hammer. We used it in a cocktail tray. Even my pre-war ( that is "pre" the next war) stuff couldn't sour it. And then the cook fried an egg on it. It played just the same.There's not a break in a boxfull!

They are made of Durium, folks, and that's the whole secret. Durium was invented by Dr. H. T. Beans, professor of chemistry at Columbia University. He told me the chemical name and it made me dizzy, but, anyhow, the stuff looks something like brown patent leather. With the old type of record, a man and a machine can turn out 700 a day. With Durium, a man and a machine can turn out 70,000. Now your money can buy music instead of expensive material. That's why Hit-of-the-Week records can sell for 15 ¢.
But that's not all. There are more reasons why this is the biggest thing that ever hit the phonograph business. Only one record will be made each week and that will be a hit that has proved itself on the stage, and over the radio, and over the dance floor.

Flo Ziegfeld, Vincent Lopez and I will set as a music jury to pick out the most popular pieces of music every week. Then it will be recorded by one of the best orchestras that money can hire. Every record a hit! No flops admitted here. That is why you can buy Hit-of-the-week records without bothering to hear them at beforehand. You just know that each one's a wow. So step up, folks, and give a poor-margin called actor a break and give yourself a treat. You can buy these records AT ANY NEWSSTAND as easily as buying a magazine. Get yours today. This Week's Big Hit "Lazy Lou'siana Moon". Played by Jan Garber and his Orchestra.
Archeophone Records will publish the Complete Hit of the week Recordings in four 2CD sets. The first three sets have been published already and can be obtained. If you are anxious to learn more about this new record visit my link-site and scroll to Hit of the week and Durium to find more information.
Thanks Guido for sharing this ad with us. Thanks Dan, Thomas, Mike and Brad for your commends. You can find these commends below this re-post at my Keep Swinging web log. You can also read this contribuiton in Dutch.
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As always, if you want to know about Durium and Hit of the Week records, this site is the place to go! Thanks Hans and Corrie!

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