Monday, November 19, 2007

Durium De Luxe

Archeophone Records has published the third double-CD in its series The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings.
The first and second double-CDs were released a few years ago and when the last and fourth double-CD will be published all Durium records in the Hit of the Week series will be reissued chronologically - an unique treasure in the history of sound recording. Some weeks ago I published a first contribution about this third double CD. I told about some novelties like the new 5-minutes recordings , twice the playing time of the average record and about the new numbering system that could be read as a kind of sell-by date. This time I love to tell you about an outsider in the weekly Hit of the week records series, the only released DURIUM DE LUXE record, not a regular weeky release, with its colourful label and cover.

This record was released as DURIUM DE LUXE K 6 late October 1931 and could be obtained for twenty-five cents. The tune Cheer Up is sung by Eddie Cantor, who was, together with Florenz Ziegfeld and Vincent Lopez one of the music jury, that selected the Hit-of-the-hour for the Hit of the week ( as stated on the first promo record, Tip Toe Thru The Tulips ( Hit of the week 1019) (volume 1 CD 1 track 2)
The tune is one of the so-called typically anti-Depression songs, that wants to put the bad times into another perspective: Cheer Up, ... better times are here. Sunny smilers we must be, the optimist asserts, Let's hang the fat-head to a tree! Cheer up, smile, nertz. Other typical anti-depression tunes are Cheerful Little Earfull (Volume 2 CD one track 14), Let's Have Another Cup O'Coffee and Sing A New Song, which will be published later in the 4th volume. The label is compleet different from the rather boring common Hit of the week labels. Archeophone used the lay-out for the print on its first CD. A nice detail !!

I found a film fragment where you can see and hear this record to be played, with comments from the owner. If you look carefully you can also see another novelty, the so-called visible interval between the two tunes. Well, we are used to this nowadays, because it was used on all 33rpm recordings later. This DURIUM DE LUXE contains a vocal and an instrumental version of this tune, as the maker of the movie volunteers halfway the record..
Enjoy it.

This contribution was also posted in Dutch and English at my Keep swinging web log.

Keep swinging

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