Saturday, September 15, 2007


Greg B. contacted me that he has a rare copy of a French Durium record, a SEFONO, for sale on eBay.
It's a copy of a SEFONO record ( SEFONO 6044 ) by the Orchestre P. Chevallier. The record, which contains two tracks on one side ( Durium records are one-sided card board records, remember) is sung by André Fevrier, a baritone. The music of this record was recorded somewhere around 1934 - 1935 and specially made for the French market. The music on this record isn't so special for me, but it's the advertisement on the reverse that makes it a great copy.

The blank reverse of a Durium record was often used for promotion, like the well known artist pictures that were on the reverse of the Hit of the week records for some weeks early 1932. Advertisement records, to promote a product, are rather rare on 9-inch / 24 cm cardboard records. The small advertisement records, released in all kinds of shapes, often have information on the blank reverse. This great copy has an advertisement for "Diamond " Lard & Dripping Bags, so if you have a butcher's shop ( they also sell Sausage Wraps ) know that Cheverton & Laidler still exists. I guess they will be surprised to atrack new customers thanks to this 1930s advertisement.

The only advertisement on the reverse of a French SEFONO that is rather common is the one that promotes the GRAND CONCOURS SEFONO from January 1935.
Some of you might have seen this advertisement printed over a picture of 1932 artist picture of Nick Lucas, which indicates that these advertisements were printed on ( blank?) reverses from stock imported from the USA.

That's one I still hope to find for my collection !! Do you have a copy for me?
Source: Durium (GB) Discography - Hans Koert

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