Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Phonograph Record

Today two new 1930s contributions, send to me by Guido van Rijn, about the Hit of the week record. Both are from ca. April - May 1930 as the items refer to the Harlem Hot Chocolates recordings released in May 1930. The Hit of the week was released each week at news stands and the first article, New Phonograph Record to Sell for Fifteen Cents, explains this new kind of gadget. It suggests, that these records were for sale in Boston for the very first time around May 1930, and that might be correct, as the Hit of the week were released in New York City alone at its very beginning ( February 1930).

This is a leaflet, distributed early May 1930 that announces the new Hit of the week ( Hit of the week 1046 ) that contains the tune St. James Infirmary as played by the Harlem Hot Chocolates. Mind that nobody in this leaflet, nor in the article, tells what band actually was hidden behind that name.

Well, let's make it to a public question:

What band was actually the Harlem Hot Chocolates?

Please send your answers to and the winners names will be published in this Keep swinging web log later.
Archeophone Records announces on its website that the third 2CD of the Complete Hit of the Week Recordings will be released this fall. You can find the track list here. The sound samples will be published soon.The first and second volume of this Complete Hit of the week Recordings has been released before. You can find all information here: Volume 1 en Volume 2

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