Thursday, July 26, 2007

Guy Lombardo

GUY LOMBARDO And His ROYAL CANADIANS: ? Guy Lombardo dir. speech
Recorded New York City, ca end of 1931
5021 B - (Goodnight Sweetheart)
Released as a Durium Custom Record.
On the record a spoken annoucement of Guy Lombardo himself:
(Musical introduction) How do you do? This is Guy Lombardo speaking. We’re in the grill of the Roosevelt Hotel at Madison avenue at 45th St. New York. I wish you were here tonight to see all these beautiful ladies and their gallant lads dining and dancing to our music. There’s a friend of yours here too who has just asked me to say hello to you. May I invite you to drop in on us the next time you’re in New York. You’ll find us in the Roosevelt grill any time for dinner dancing, supper dancing or tea dancing on Saturday afternoon. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you. (Musical ending)

This is a small 4" record. On the label A FRIEND OF YOURS HAS ASKED GUY LOMBARDO And His ROYAL CANADIANS In the ROOSEVELT GRILL TO SEND YOU THIS MESSAGE. On the reverse a drawing of a building THE ROOSEVELT, Madison Ave at 45th St. New York City. and an address label (incl. place for stamp)
From _________________ To __________________ / IN THE GRILL OF THE / ROOSEVELT HOTEL
(Source: Durium Advertisement and Cusom Records Discography - Hans Koert ( also online )
Keep swinging
Hans Koert


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