Monday, June 18, 2007

Online discography updated

A new page of the online Hit of the week - Durium Discographies has been posted. You can find the new site at this link and it contains the European E-1148 up to E-1167 matrices.
Please, do me a favor, and have a look at this new page. Maybe you can help me with label pictures ( I'm running out of label images for this period ) and maybe someone can help me with a picture of the reverse of SUPER durium T-89 and / or T-90 that has an image of Mascheroni and Miscel. That would be great !!

The making of these online sites takes a lot of spare time, I don't have. I'll try to upload one page each month from now on, so I hope this online discography will be free available for everybody within a some years !!

Keep swinging

Hans Koert
author of the Hit of the week - Durium discographies

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hit of the week Needles

I told you before that I have researched the Durium - Hit of the week cardboard records. You can read about it in a previous blog. In another contribution I told about some Durium sidelines, like the Hit of the week gramophones and Hit of the week needles. For the youngsters among us ( younger then seventy years ) steel needles were used to play 78rpm gramophone records up to ca. 1935, before the invention of the electric amplified gramophone and its sapphire needle. Steel needles had to be changed each time a 78rpm record had been played. When Durium started its activities early 1930s the flexible cardboard Hit of the week record became its most interesting activity. It was released each week at the news stands. But the name Hit of the week was in fact registered as a brand name for record needles. These needles were sold in little sacks which contains ca. 80 steel needles. DuriumStu , a US Hit of the week collector, found some time ago a very very rare item, a Hit of the week Needles Display. This early 1930s display, his copie has been damaged a bit, could contain nine sacks of Hit of the week needles sacks, sold for 5 cent each. It has the same design as the Hit of the week records display that was styled in the same way.

In my last blog concerning the Hit of the week gramophone I told about the record lock, that was inside the needles sacks of 10 cents and I finished the blog with the fact that I had never seen a Hit of the week needle. Well, thanks to DuriumStu this request has been granted. Here it is - the Hit of the week needle.

This contribution has also been posted at my
Keep swinging web log. You can find more info about these cardboard records at my online Hit of the week-Durium websites.<