Thursday, May 24, 2007

Record Lock

In the Hit of the week Portable Gramophone web log I promissed to explain what a Record Lock is as some one requested to do so. Well, Cornee Naalden contacted me and asked what a Record Lock is.
Durium records (the most well known series was the Hit of the week) are cardboard based records with a thin layer of Durium, a kind of acetate. As the reverse of the record has no acetate, the surface tension makes the record curle. Some people think that only old, 75 years old records have this problem - no also in the early 30s new records curled. That's why Durium made the Record Lock, a small piece of thick cardboard.

This is such a small cardboard Record Lock. It is 1.5 cm long and the only thing you had to do was put the curled record on your turntable and make it flat.
Then you had to put the Record Lock across the centre pin.

If you don't have a Record Lock, they are pretty rare now, you can also use a heavy metal ring to keep the record flat or a paper clip can help you.

In the US they put a Record Lock into the 10 ¢ Hit of the week Needles sacks you could buy at your newspaper dealer - the 5 ¢ envelopes had no Record Lock. In Europe Durium Products (GB) Ltd. put a Record Lock in each ( sealed) cover. If you're lucky you can find such a free Record Lock if you buy a bunch of Durium records in their original sleeves.
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Hans Koert
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