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Amelia Earhart

( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.)

This is a small, 10 cm square cardboard record, released by the Durium Product Incorporated, an advertisement agency, released early 1930s in order of the publisher of the book The Fun Of It, written by Amelia Earhart. It is one of the rare small Durium records we can date exactly: 22 May 1932, 75 years ago.

Who was Amelia Earhart? And what's on this rare record? On the reverse of the cardboard record ( Durium records are only playable on one side) is printed: High Spots Of The First Woman's Solo Transatlantic Flight Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone, exactly five years after Charles Lindbergh famous solo flight across the Atlantic between 20 and 21st of May 1927 in 33.5 hrs.

Amelia Earhart, born in Atchinsons (Kansas), in 1897 became mad about airplanes when she was at a stunt-flying exhibition December 1920. Since that date she saved all her money to take hir first flying lessons and to buy her own airplane. In 1921 she bought her first plane, a yellow coloured Kinner Airster two-seater, named Canary (what's in a name). With this plane she set her first women's record by rising to an altitude of 4200 meter. In 1928, a year after Lindbergh's solo flight, she was invited to do the same, although not alone, but together with two pilots. The team started with their Fokker F7 in Newfoundland on the 17th of June 1928 and landed 21 hours later in Wales. Amelia became the first woman to cross the Ocean by plane. Back home she was greeted with a ticker-parade in New York and a reception held by the US President Calvin Coolidge at the White House. In 1931 she married and in the meantime she worked in secret on her next flight: A solo flight across the Atlantic. She left on the 20th of May 1932 in Newfoundland. The weather was bad - strong northern winds and icy conditions. She had also problems with her plane, so she didn't reach Paris as she had planned but landed in Ireland on the 21st of May 1932 at 9:30 A.M. hrs. After scaring most of the cows in the neighborhood, she said later, I pulled up in a farmer's back yard. She travelled to London and the next day, 22st of May 1932, she was interviewed at an International Broadcast, unique of its kind, on 3:30 pm ( Eastern Daylight) that could be received in the US. This interview was recorded by Silvertone and was released on the little square Durium record above.

Thanks to his first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic Ocean Amelia Earhart became a famous personality in the US. In 1937 she wanted to be the first woman to fly around the world, but, unfortunally, after she took-off in New Guinea ( now Irian Jaya ) her plane got desorientated and missed the small island of Howland, a small spot in the Pacific. Her plane and her body where never found ( Amelia Earhart 1897 - 1937 )

I love to share with you a fragment of a documentary where you can learn more about her thrilling life.

The discographical information:

FROM Amelia Earhart’s …..: Amelia Earhart interview

recorded New York City, 22 May 1932 3:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight

5158 B ……………….– AE interview

The record has no catalogue number.

This is a square 4" record. On the label: <>.

(Source: Durium Advertisement and Custom Records Discography ( online) ( Hans Koert - 2007)

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