Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Kind Of Cough Is Serious

Cut down by a serious cough !!

Love to share you, as an example that it could be more worse anyhow, a 1932 Durium advertisement record for Pertussin Syrup. Hope you recognize my serious health problems !!
What Kind Of Cough Is Serious.

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20: 31 January 1987: Low Down On The Bayou - Zjarretel

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nick Lucas

Dominic Lucanese was born in 1897 Newark N.J. (USA) and became an entertainer from the 1920s up to the 1970s. He sold 84 miljoen records during the 1920s and 1930s and became a popular artist. His name on stage was Nick Lucas, and he called himself The Crooning Troubadour.

He started his carreer in 1917 playing in vaudeville in clubs in and around New York City and became a member of the Russo-Fiorito Orchestra. He became famous because of the film The Gold Diggers of Broadway late 1920s in which he sung
Tip Toe Through The Tulips.

I heard about Nick Lucas, because he made two recordings for Hit of the week, now 75 years ago, in January 1932.

These cardboard records were sold in news stand and each Thursday the people could buy a new "Hit"of the week for US $ 0.15. Nick Lucas recorded two tunes for Durium ( = Hit of the week) ; An Evening In Caroline and All Of Me.
This is Robby Kline, then eight years old, who had to do a presentation at his school and told his class mates about the card board record and the US musical heritage. Here he shows one of the two Hit of the week recordings made by Nick Lucas. Early 1932s Durium ( the firm who released the Hit of the week records) printed an artist picture on the reverse of some of its releases, like this one of Nick Lucas. It is now a collectors item.
During the 1930s and 1940s Nick lived in Hollywood and played in all kinds of small films and had his own dance orchestra. In 1974 he sung the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby. He passed away in 1982 in Colorado Springs.

I found a Snader Transcription of Nick Lucas playing the guitar in a way I lovbe to play a guitar too. Enjoy him in the 1951 version of Walking My Baby Back Home.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Thanks to Kristjan Saag I was pointed to a great Swedish picture from the early 1930s with a woman selling the card board Durium records, called Duriumskivan in good Swedish.

The caption reads: Duriumskivan såldes 1930-1932.

The display in front of her contains veckans SKIVA covers, which contained Hit of the week or Durium cardboard records in a weekly series ( Veckans Skiva )

Due to this fact, and the text on the display: Den nya Grammofonskivann, the picture must be from late Aprli 1932 as the first numbered Veckans Skiva (v.s. nr. 1 ) was released in Sweden 22nd of April 1932.

A provnummer - Das War Herrlich - Eins, Zwei, Drei, die Ganze Kompanie ( durium GE-7 ) by the DURIUM ORCHESTRA was released in Sweden only, in April 1932 ( with a spoken promotion talk:

Här är den nya Durium-grammofonskivan, en epokgörande uppfinning. Det material varmed den är klädd är på samma gång det mjukaste och mest härdiga i sitt slag, vilket möjliggör en mer fulländad återgivning än någonsin tillförne. Höga såväl som låga toner äro kristallklara utan minsta biljud. Lägg märke till hur naturlig min röst låter, utan något väsande från nålen. Durium-skivan bevarar sin klangfullhet längre än någon annan skiva. Den går ej sönder. På Durium-skivorna inspelas de av specialister utvalda modernaste dansmelodierna av världens mest berömda orkestrar. Dess pris är lika anmärkningsvärt som dess kvalitet. Femtio Durium-skivor får rum i en resegrammofon och väga ej mer än sex vanliga skivor.

There has been another provnummer ( durium GE-1 ).- DAS IST DIE LIEBE DER MATROSEN - PONTENERO by the DURIUM DANCE ENSEMBLE. Both records have the words ICKI (sic) TILL SALU (not for sale)on the label.

Thanks Kristjan for sharing this picture. It has been posted in my online Durium (GB) Discography.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Jim Prohaska pointed me to an auction he organizes at VJM Jazz & Blues Mart Magazine which contains a lot of Hit of the week records.
There are also some Durium records available.
The auction closes at 5 Feb. 2007
You can download the list of Hit of the weeks as a *.pdf file.
For discographical information about the records join my online Hit of the week - Durium Discography and for information about the records itself email Jim directly ( see his email addres at the *.pdf file )

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