Friday, December 29, 2006

Hit of the week Orchestra

The Hit of the week Orchestra, responsable for a lot of Durium recordings for the Hit of the week label was a studio orchestra made up of white New York musicians. It is unknown what musicians played exactly during each individual recording session, but a list of names of musicians that participated in that band has been compiled.

Collective Hit fo the Week Orchestra personnel
We don't have any pictures or films from that band so far. I found a short from a band, named Captiolians, directed by Walt Roesner, in 1928 that might have several members of the Hit of the week Orchestra. If not, it is a good example, how these bands performed in those days.
Enjoy it.

I'm More Than Satisfied - Capitolians (1928)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

DUBRICO online

A new page in my slowly, but steady growing online Hit of the week - Durium discography has been posted. You'll find the recordings with matrices E-1132 up toE-1146 on this site. These are the first records made by the DUBRICO LIMITED, also based at Slough. The Durium Products (GB) Ltd. firm had broken and, as a kind of interim firm, it seems that DUBRICO took over the contracts that were still in force for a few months, before SOUND DISTRIBUTORS took over the bankrupth's estate.

If you have images or information that should be on this site, please forward the info to me.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Notre Dame Victory March


The DURIUM X 20 is a custom record made for the Red Book Magazine, one of the leading magazines of America in the early 1930s.
You can listen to this record
here if you like.


A few weeks ago Bob Tollefson reported me that he found the DURIUM N 21, that has the same title, though a different band name. It is likely that the RED BOOK MAGAZINE Orchestra of DURIUM X 20 is the Phil Spitalny Orchestra too, but I'm anxious to learn if these two recordings are equal or at least made during the same recording session.
I love to hear this DURIUM N 21
If you want to see this information in my Durium Advertisement and custom Records Discography, please click here and scroll down
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jack Norman - Chick Bullock

Thanks to Jerry Priessen I was pointed to some flexible records that are for sale on eBay; a Goodson, a Filmophone and this beautiful set containing a durium record covered in a Veckans skiva sleeve.

These flexible records all date from the late 1920s and 1930s and were an answer to the very vulnerable shellack records. They were cheap, light weight and unbreakable. Nowadays most of these records are rare and good copies are difficult to find.
What about this Veckans skiva? It was released in Sweden on the 27 th of May 1932 in a weekly range. this one is number 6 and the series of Veckans skiva (means Weekly Record) went up to ca. 100 in 1933. The sleeve was, of course, to protect the record inside, but contained also information about showbizz and entertainment. This one has a sensationell intervju med den världberömde filmjäleten Ramon Novarro om Greta Garbo. Inside a durium record, a kind of Hit of the week, originally recorded in the US for export to Europe. The matrices were brought to Europe, by ship I guess, and the record, made from card board covered by an acetate called Durum, were made in Slough, a suburb of London. These recordings were made in the second half of the 1931 by named artists. The band was actually Phil Spitalny's Music, who is reponsible for most Durium's Hit of the week recordings (a series made in the US similiar to these Veckans Skiva's).
He accompanied the Paul sisters, a popular vocal group ( but who are the members?) and the famous Chick Bullock. As Chick Bullock was under contract for ARC reords in the US he wasn't allowed to sing on this recording, so he cooperated ( I guess he wanted some extra income due to the depression) under the conditions that the records should never be issued in the US. His name is on the cover and label in full, but Phil Spitalny used a pseudonym, Jack Norman.

These Veckans Skiva covers are beautiful coloured and much more collectible then the dull Hit of the week or Durium covers.

If you're anxious to learn more about these flexible records, visit my
Flexible Records web log too. This web log and the web log you're looking at give more information about other flexible records.

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