Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is another DVRIVM "LA VOCE DELL' EMPERO" label I received thanks to Jerry Priessen. It's titles DOLORES and LES SIRENES both played by the GRANDE ORCHESTRE DI VALZER DIRETTA DA L. MALATESTA.

This record is part of a series, apparently made by the same band, also named DURIUMS VALSORKESTER I MILANO or something like that. The recordings of this band were released on ABC, a French record label released, probably by SEFONO and on SUPER durium ( in the BD-series). It is strange that the label reads IMP wich suggests that the recording probably wasn't made in Italy, but in (Slough near) London. It would be nice to see a label scan of ABC 6062 to compare with.

It is remarkable that the DVRIVM "LA VOCE DELL' IMPERO" T-164, probably from the same session, doesn't has the addition IMP I posted a comment about this record before ( see the link under the title bar)

If someone can show me a scan of this ABC 6062 that would be great.

Nice to tell you that someone took a pair of siccors and cut from my copy the first tune, probably because it was damaged (or maybe a child wanted to suggest is was a EP or single record.) On the reverse some drawings by pencil of trees and houses made by child.


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