Monday, October 09, 2006

Durium (GB) Disco project

The online Durium (GB) Disco project is part of a large project to share the complete Hit of the week - Durium Discographies with all cardboard Durium record collectors. Up to now the Hit of the weeks (1000-series), the Durium Advertisement and Custom Records ( 5000-series) released in the US and the commercial English Durium records (E-1000 up to E-1131), made in Slough ( near London) are now to be found at, the sites to search for information.

new now available.

It lists the durium matrices E-1115 up to E-1131. These were the last commercial made recordings for the Durium Products (GB) Ltd. before it broke, due to failing sales figures. The firm activities were limited to advertisement and custom records and renamed Sound Distributors. It seems that a kind of temporary firm took over Duriums contracts still in force under the name of Dubrico Limited.

Matrices E-1124 up to E-1131 are recordings made for the Scandinavian market and labeled as SUPER durium and released in Veckans SKIVA jackets. An English band, Sydney Kytes Piccadilly Hotel Band accompanies two Scandinavian singers, Toivo Ek and Herbert Landgren. It was cheaper to bring those two singers to London, then recording the tunes in Stockholm or Copenhagen, I guess. A year later the Scandinavian records were made in Copenhagen by Nordisk.

If you have images of labels or singers that should be on this page to illustrate, please let me know.


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