Sunday, September 10, 2006

Veckans skiva

The cardboard Hit of the week record, released in the US between 1930 and 1932 in a weekly edition was also shipped to Europe. In Europe they were sold as Hit of the weeks or as Sefonos or Sefono related labels in France. In Scandinavia they were sold as Veckans SKIVA. Veckans SKIVA means weekly disc.
The weekly series of disc contained US Hit of the weeks, English duriums and at the end of its being Danish tunes as SUPER duriums. There have been released more then 100 items. Veckans SKIVAs contain the original labeled record, but has a Swedish, magazine like cover.

Thanks to Fredrik Tersmeden from Sweden I can show you more details of one of these releases, the Veckans SKIVA nr. 35. As I don't read or write Swedish I copied his information to share with you.

PAGE 1: [to the right of the photo] Stina Karlsson - “All of Sweden’s Bångbro-Stina” returns this week with two new recordings. [at bottom] This issue: New Swedish accordion record! “Lull – lull – lull” [untranslatable nonsense] one-step and a sailor’s waltz “Some time perhaps accidentally” [the latter title a very free translation…]

[contains a “review” of the record itself by “critic” Fred Ben (certainly a pseudonym), an announcement that Eduard Hladisch has been in London conducting the Durium concert orchestra for some Swedish recordings and an article predicting which will be the most popular tango melodies during the winter of 1932 and spring of 1933]

[top left] Every Friday new melodies [top middle] Durium – the first self-changing record presents [top right] Have you all issues released? [left and right of the “label hole”: the lyrics of the two songs and beneath them some short notes on present films and other entertainment news] [beneath the “label hole”] The second Swedish accordion record by the virtuosos Albin Fernström and Bångbro-Stina. Herbert Lanners [a pseudonym for Herbert Landgren] is responsible for the vocal refrains. [bottom] Next issue: Lullaby of the leaves / Betty Boop – two foxtrots in the “Exclusive dance records” series

[top] Hitherto the following melodies have appeared on Veckans Skiva [beneath follows a complete list of issues 1-34; in the right corner the name of the printing company.

Some additional information:

Stina Karlsson (1909-1982; known as “Bångbro-Stina” after Bångbro, the place she came from) was a popular female accordionist, active mainly in the 1930s and 1940s. She made 18 records for various companies, always playing duets with Albin Fernström. Live she usually performed with an accordion quartet.

Eduard Hladisch (1890-1968) was an Austrian-born composer, arranger, conductor and violin-player who from 1924 onwards worked in Sweden. His working fields included recordings, movies, radio, revues and other stage performances and he was much in demand.

Thanks Fredrik for sharing this great cover with us. I posted it at the online Durium (GB) Discography . This online discography is growing slowly.

This contribution is also posted at the ( The daily Keepswinging blogspot ).

Je kunt daar ook een Nederlandse vertaling vinden.


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