Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Betty Boop

The cardboard Hit of the week records were released between 1930 ad the summer of 1932 in the US. In Europe they were sold in bargain shops or as part of a series, like the socalled Veckans SKIVA. Veckans SKIVA means Weekly disc in Swedish. These colourful covers were a kind of magazine with info about the record inside and about showbusiness and film in general. The US covers were less fancy then the Veckans SKIVA

Thanks to Doug Benson, who pointed me on this great cover, I can show you one covering the Hit of the week F-3-4, one of the last ones released in the US.
This one was released too in Scandinavia on 16th of June 1932 as Veckans SKIVA nº 36.

These Hit of the weeks were advertised in the US as TWO BIG "HITS" as they contained two complete tunes on one side of the record.

Each times whe I hear this great tune I wonder if Phil Spitalny used the original arrangements of the signature tune of the cartoon. I've found a Betty Boop cartoon to show you how a Betty Boop cartoon looked like in 1932. It's Betty Boop M.D. from the 2nd September 1932.

Betty Boop M.D. ( Sep 1932)

PHIL SPITALNY'S MUSIC Vocal by BEN ALLEY: Phil Spitalny dir., ? Sam Hermans xyl, Charlie Magnante acc, Ben Alley vo, ETON BOYS vo4: (Jack Day bariton, Earl Smith 1st Tenor, Art Gentry 2nd Tenor, Chas. Day bass)
Recorded New York City, Jun. 1932
1214 C LULLABY OF THE LEAVES (Canción de las Hojas) Young Petkere - BA vo ( HOW F-3-4) ( as vs. nº 36)
BETTY BOOP Fox Trots Heyman Green - EB vo4 ( HOW F-3-4 ) (as vs. nº 36)

source: Hit of the week Discography - Hans Koert (2006)

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