Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MP Label

The card board Hit of the week records were made by Durium, a firm established in the late 1920s in the US that made record needles and cheap unbreakable card board records. These card board records were cheap ( only 0,15 US$) , unbreakable, flexible and light weight. As they were made of card board with a layer of Durium, a kind of acetate, it was also a very durable record. They decided to make a weekly record that would contain the Hits of the that week, the HIT OF THE WEEK. This weekly series were released between 1930 and summer 1932.

To sell old stock Durium decided to export these records to Europe.They were sold as HIT OF THE WEEKS in most West European countries. In France they didn't want foreign influences and so the label print was erased and re[placed by a French label like SEFONO. Some dancings or record shops tried to sell their own labeled card board record. So did Le Metro Pelletiers, a venue for dancing, at the Rue de la Victoire in Paris, who published their MP label.

We don't know how many different MP records were released, but some have been listed. Thanks to Han Enderman, who is always searching for rare record labels on auction lists I got two nice pictures of these labels.


HIT-OF-THE-WEEK ORCHESTRA BERT HIRSCH, DIRECTOR [2tp-tb-2as-ts-3v-p-banj g-tu-dm-vo] Bert Hirsch dir., Mannie Klein tp, Dick Robertson vo.
Recorded New York City, c Sep. 1930
1106 B D / MY BLUEBIRD WAS CAUGHT IN THE RAIN {Mi pájaro azul se mojó las alas} Fox-Trot Creamer Rich - DR vo
Originally released as HOW 1106/ MP 1106

HIT-OF-THE-WEEK ORCHESTRA BERT HIRSCH, DIRECTOR. [2tp-tb-2as-ts- oboe-3v-p-banj hawaiian g-xyl-tu-dm-vo] Bert Hirsch dir., Mannie Klein tp, Dick Robertson vo.
Recorded New York City, c Oct. 1930
1111 C / IF I COULD BE WITH YOU ONE HOUR TO-NIGHT {Si pudiera estar contigo} Fox-Trot Creamer Johnson - DR vo <>
Originally released as HOW 1111/ MP 1111

Online Hit of the week Discography - Hans Koert. )

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Al Sexton

The Kungsholm Swedish-American Line was a direct ship line between Europe and the US. The shipping company used several ships all names Kungsholm at the time the line existed. In the early 1930s passengers could buy a Durium record as a souvenir for those who remained at home. The label of this record reads This Message and Record is Sent you by a Friend on Board THE "KUNGSHOLM" SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE.

Some weeks ago a copy of this record was offered on eBay and the seller mentioned some new information that needs to be confirmed. Although the record itself doesn't gives detailed information the seller states that the song on the record might be titled See The Sun and the artist should be Al Sexton backed by a band.

Al Sexton was a well known musical star during the 1920s and around the time this record was made ( June 1932) he seemed to be inactive in theatre. ( In 1935 he was part of the Thumbs Up cast. ) Of course it might be possible he was present as one of the artists at the ships entertainment.

Can someone confirm the presence of this artist on this song and what was his relation to the Kungsholm Swedish American Line? Was he aboard as one of the artists around 1932 -1933?

Can someone help me to confirm above mentioned facts?

Can someone sent me a scan of a picture of Al Sexton?

Can someone send me an mp3 file of this record?

Detailed information

(source: Durium Advertisement and Custom records discography - Hans Koert )

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