Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mysterious signs

There are some Hit of the week recordings that have mysterious signs ( the X and the A ) stamped into the surface of the label.
The L1 has an A across the catalogue number and an X across the composers credits.

The M-4-5 has an X stamped through the catalogue number.

There are six Hit of the week who have these marks.

Has one of you such a Hit of the week or Durium record that hase these or similar signs? What is the purpose or the meaning of these signs?

Thanks Alex for pointing me to these strange signs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd have to dig out and examine my HOW archive. Are these raised,
and not visible on the non-playing side...which would indicate
they were in the moulds used to press the discs...or are they
visible in sunken and reversed form, indicating they were put
on the discs after they had already been pressed?

If the latter, they may have been used to identify the "leftover"
HOW records that Montgomery Ward offered in their 1932-33 catalogs
at discounted prices...?

Steven C ( at 78-L list)

May 17, 2006  

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