Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Hit of the week Podcast

The fourth podcast made by Bryan Wright contains two records, both sides, but he is right as he says that this is impossible for the first record, the Phil Spitalny HIT OF THE WEEK F-3-4 release of June 1932. Never mind, because this HIT OF THE WEEK F-3-4 is one of the so-called 5 minutes records which were labeled as TWO BIG "HITS". This series lasted for eight releases only and then the weekly HIT OF THE WEEK series stopped. They have two complete tunes, as opposed to the first 5-minutes records, who contained one-an-a-half tune; one normal tune and a copyright-free free extra to fill up the remaining 1.30 minutes ( mind that tunes were composed normally for the duration of 3.5 minutes, the playing time of the average record.). These last eight records, this Spitalny's was the one-but-last, were sold for 20 cents ( not 15 cents Bryan ! ).

Thanks to a new kind of groove, the microgroove, the playing time of these records was 5 minutes. The groove was smaller and the shape was different. You are making the classical mistake to state that there were more grooves on those records ..... wrong Bryan. There is only one groove ( !! ), although he is much longer. That's correct. ( Only so-called puzzle records have 3 grooves - ever heard about it? )

I like the second tune of this record the most as its subject is one of my most favorite girls of the 1930s. I'm sure that the arrangement of the tune as played by Phil Spitalny was used as intro for one of the films, although I'm not yet sure which one. I'm getting mad of one of the favorite instrumentalists that plays on more then one Hit of the week: Charlie Magnante, the accordion player. Oh boy, what a drive, what a swing.

Well I'd say enjoy Bryan's podcast number 4. He plays the Hit of the week and a non-cardboard record, a Hawaiian tune I haven't mentioned here.

Here's the discographical information as published in my online discography:
Lullaby of the leaves / Betty Boop by Phil Spitalny's Music

Here's the podcast:
Scroll down to Shellack Stack Podcast number 4.
Click on it and if you have a mediaplayer the podcast will open. You can also click it with your right mouse button and save the podcast on your hard disc.

Mind that it can take some times before the music is downloaded.

Well done Bryan. I can't wait for the next Hit of the week .......


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