Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jean-Christophe Averty - the Hit of the week project

In the late 1990s the French radio producer Jean-Christophe Averty learned that I had made the Hit of the week discography, bought it and started to play in his weekly radio program (Jazz for the Happy Few and later Les Cinglés du Music-Hall) all Hit of the week recordings in chronological order.

This image shows Jean-Christophe Averty ( at a younger age) speaking with Eubie Blake)

The radio programs on France Cultur started March 1998 and stopped ca. May 2002. All (nearly 50) programs ( I mean the section with the one or two Hit of the week recordings) were transferred on cassette tape for me by Ivan Fresart as I couldn't receive France Cultur on my radio. A great job done by a great man living near Brussels (Wavre - Belgium)

These programs were all build up in the same way. Jean-Christophe was discussing the records in a panel with two more people ( a man and a woman) and often he made a comparison with other recordings. He always ended with reading all ( I say ALL - including the matrices, take numbers, composers, text writers, release dates, label information, personnel, etc. etc.) the discographical information I had written into my book, in a hurry, in a kind of English-spoken-by-a-Frenchman and when he reached the point that the record should start playing he stroke a bell to tell you that the recording started. I couldn't understand one word of what he said - although reading my book while he was speaking seemed to help a bit. His English, but also his French was unintelligibleness, not only for me, but also for the French listeners, some collectors told me

These set of cassettes are now (for me) a valuable item in my Hit of the week collection as it was the first that all Hit of the week records were played in chronological order and maybe it is one of the longest series in jazz music ever made for radio.


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