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A Durium Beszelölönyv - a new Durium record

the cover

Sometimes you lay eyes on a small news paper message that tells that somewhere in the dark mountain forest in Tanzania a new animal is found. It must be thrilling to do such an discovery. Of course, the species isn't new, it lives in the forrest for ages, but it was never listed - that makes it so special.

Half a year ago I met Ken Swerilas (USA) at the record fair in Wageningen (The Netherlands). He travelled through Europe with his friend hunting for records. He told me he had found a Hungarian durium record in Budapest some days ago. I told him that Durium didn't made records in Hungary and that I had indication that the Hit of the week records were only sold there for some months.

Ken promised to send me a copy of it later.

And he did.

The reverse
The Hungarian durium release exists and it is one of the language courses that were made in London and released in several European countries.

We now have knowledge of an English, a Danish and a Dutch release of this course, that wants to learn French. Ken found one record from such a course made for the Hungarian market. It is called a Durium Beszélölönyv and was released by the Durium Hanglemez Kereskedelmi Kft. in Budapest somewhere in 1932 - 1933

Don't try to pronounce this!!

The 6 records itself are recorded and made in Slough, near London so in fact it is not a new Durium recording as the records are the same as the one in the Danish and English series. The Dutch records have a different label ( Noropa ).

Are new discoveries to be made? Sure. There must has been anItalian Language Course series too, called durium POLIGLOTTA - corsi di conversazione Durium in lingue INGELESE e FRANCESE. Who can show me such a cover?

The information of the record is to be found in my online Durium (GB) discography. Mind that this discography is still under construction, so, it happens that only the first three records are listed - the information of the final three will be published very soon.

Thanks Ken

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