Sunday, March 19, 2006

Online Durium (GB) Discography enlarged.

It has been a few month ago that I started to move my online discographies to a new address and to re-style the layout. Well, the removal has been finished. The HIT OF THE WEEK-DURIUM sites do have a new address:

This weekend I could post the first new site, part of the
Durium (GB) Discography , that contains all European Durium records as produced from Slough (GB) between 1932 and 1936. The new site contains the matrices E 1077 up to E 1089, and it brings a mix of popular dance tunes, German film tunes and the first records of a French course. Also the only known Dutch durium label, noropa, is listed for the very first time.

I will use this web log to keep in touch with you about new enlargements or additions.

Hans Koert
author of the Durium (GB) Disography


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