Sunday, March 19, 2006

Online Durium (GB) Discography enlarged.

It has been a few month ago that I started to move my online discographies to a new address and to re-style the layout. Well, the removal has been finished. The HIT OF THE WEEK-DURIUM sites do have a new address:

This weekend I could post the first new site, part of the
Durium (GB) Discography , that contains all European Durium records as produced from Slough (GB) between 1932 and 1936. The new site contains the matrices E 1077 up to E 1089, and it brings a mix of popular dance tunes, German film tunes and the first records of a French course. Also the only known Dutch durium label, noropa, is listed for the very first time.

I will use this web log to keep in touch with you about new enlargements or additions.

Hans Koert
author of the Durium (GB) Disography

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Les Allen

Can someone give me the year of death of Les Allen, the 1930s vocalist / crooner?

Born in 1902 he should be now, if he's still alive, 104 years old.

Web site problems solved.

Thanks to Stan Brager I learned that some parts of my re-newed web site didn't work as I had intented. A slide show of record labels didn't appear on your computers. As it was a problem I couldn't noticd from my own set, I thank Stan for pointing me to that.

Thanks to Deborah and Ronald from the Scholenlijst, a Dutch list of ICT - specialists in education I could repair the sites in a way that everyone, who allows JavaScript, can see the images move.

Bedankt Deborah en Ronald.